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Often companies are afraid of making the wrong choice. Meet the demand should be simple almost as meeting a friend for a coffee! Businesses looking for online advertising ideas have numerous options available to them but the best online advertising for one company may very well be the worst form of online advertising for another. Being the Hospitality Technology Marketplace able to deliver solutions is our mission! Ready to get started?

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Because tooly.tips is an innovative project in hospitality industry and collected more than 350 software in just one year

Do you already know the features of our Marketplace? If you don't, the time has come! We are the new alternative to in the event. You can generate profiled leads while sitting comfortably in your office. Insert your software now... for free!

The ideal stage for your solutions

The first vertical HUB focused on hospitality. The ideal stage for the visibility of your company and your software

The first virtual hospitality-fair

Finally you can find a space where you can present your products to profiled customers, your card will be worth more than a business card at a fair

Let your customers talk

Let your customers talk about you through our verified reviews. There is no better visibility for your brand than a review from a satisfied customer.

Get only qualified leads and clicks

The right target is the real starting point! The main users of tooly.tps are operators in the hospitality sector, don't miss the opportunity!

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With our performance-based ADV plans, you'll pay for your visibility based on the results you get.



  • Company profile
  • Tool Profile with, screenshots, video, features, integrations
  • Real user reviews
  • Tool compare



  • Direct clicks to your Website
  • Listing by top tools section
  • Tool listing in the tooly.blog
  • Tool video review



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Tooly, I have a question for you!

Are you interested in starting this new challenge but you still have some doubts?
Start by consulting the Tooly FAQ. And if you still can't find the right answer to your questions: write directly to info@tooly.tips!

Is it free to list my software on tooly.tips?

Inserting and maintaining your software on tooly.tips will always be free. There are no registration fees. Every time you wish to complete the registration and activate your "Vendor Area" page, you will be automatically added to our database. You are welcome to add as many tools and products as you like, without limits.

How much does the service cost?

Tooly.tips is a cost-effective solution. Our model is very simple: choose the plan that best suits your needs (PREMIUM or TOP) and pay for online advertising only based on the results achieved.

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It sounds great. How do I sign up?

Registration is very simple, fast and automatic. Just answer a few questions about yourself and your business, set up your login information and start adding your products. Do you know that you could get leads or clicks by registering today? Don't waste any more time, start now.

How does tooly.tips ensure the quality of its reviews?

We use Linkedin in order to attest reliable user profile and feedback. In addtion, we randomly check the reviews for ensuring their truthfulness

Can I ask my clients to write reviews?

Yes. While you cannot submit comment cards on behalf of clients, or incentivize clients to leave reviews, you may ask them to write a review of their experience about your product. Remember, tooly.tips will post it whether it’s positive or negative. The majority of our reviews are indeed positive, but we do not influence or change the content of reviews.

I still have a question. Can you help me?

Of course. Please contact us. We're happy to assist.

A lot of people have already made their best choice. What are you waiting for?

Are you a vendor

tooly.tips is the first HUB specialized in the hospitality industry that can help you choosing the best technology for your needs. tooly.tips is clean, simple and fast.

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