Protel PMS

Protel PMS: Since 1994, protel hotelsoftware has been developing and selling technology and service solutions ...

Property Management System

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A provider of high quality managed entertainment and connectivity services to over 250,000 hotel rooms ...

In Room Entertainment Software



Con Qualitando trasformi la soddisfazione dei tuoi clienti in web reputation. Con Hotspot ti creerai, ...

Reputation Management Software

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Qualitando Hotspot

Qualitando Hotspot è un device configurato, pronto per l'installazione. Collegato alla tua rete WI-FI ti ...

Wifi Gateway

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Quick Text by The Colossal Factory

There are many fine places to stay around the world. Guest pick you for a ...

Guest Experience Management Software

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The Rainmaker Group Ventures, LLC. develops and operates SaaS based revenue management and profit optimization ...

Data Analytics Software

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Rate Gain

As an innovative, cloud based technology platform, RateGain helps hospitality and travel companies make more ...

Revenue Management System

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RateTiger product suite offers the industry’s leading ChannelManager for online distribution, Shopper for rate benchmarking ...

Revenue Management System

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ReGuest: Offers sent either in the body of an e-mail or as an attachment are ...

Proposal Management Software


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Reputation Mood

What’s the weather like in your reputation? Find out with Reputation Mood, the complete tool ...

Reputation Management Software

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