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Using artificial intelligence, Infinito is able to derive recommended hotel rates by “learning” from a hotel’s previous decisions. In doing so, it is able to determine which decisions maximised revenue, and then execute and implement pricing decisions and promotions on that hotel’s behalf. It also provides feedback to hotels on how future decision-making could be improved.

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IVI Features

  • Best available rate analisys
  • Competitor pricing analysis (internal Rate Shopper)
  • Customizable Alerts by email
  • Daily analysis of Revenue
  • Daily analysis of Room Nights
  • Increase revenue with potential cancellations and no shows
  • Interface with rate shopper (3rd party rate shopper)
  • KPI Analisys with offset
  • KPI Analisys with ytd comparison
  • Management of holidays/events (date alignment)
  • Management of market segments
  • Management of room types
  • Multi property management
  • Occupation forecast by day
  • Occupation forecast by room type
  • Online Reputation Analysis
  • Package rate / restricted rates analisys
  • Price suggestions by channel
  • Price suggestions by rate type
  • Price suggestions by room type

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