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FASTBOOKING provides leading-edge products and solutions to the hospitality industry to increase profits by maximizing direct bookings and brand visibility in the digital distribution environment

We help hoteliers:
DRIVE BRAND VISIBILITY through Website Development and Traffic Acquisition (SEM, Direct Link or MetaGenius for Metasearch Marketing, Display Ads for pre & post targeting)

MAXIMIZE BOOKINGS AND PROFIT with a high-conversion Booking Engine, an ergonomic Channel Manager; powerful Global Distribution Services incl. proprietary chain code “FG”; reliable Connectivities to the major PMS, RMS, and Payment Systems

KNOW THEIR MARKET using RateScreener, Calendar Intelligence, and Online Reputation management programs

MANAGE it all from the iCRS, our centralized cloud-based technology platform

INTEGRATE with Hotel Information Systems

FASTBOOKING ATTRACTION Booking Engine: Bring the digital traveler to your doorstep! The new generation booking engine for hotels willing to increase their direct sales. Context-aware, user-centric and e-commerce oriented.


Array ( [0] => Open and Attactive [1] => Fully Responsive [2] => Highly Flexible Configurations )


  • Open and Attactive
  • Fully Responsive
  • Highly Flexible Configurations


  • 3 Steps Booking Process
  • Intuitive User Experience
  • 37 Languages and 66 curencies


  • Step-by-Step Configuration Wizard
  • One cockpit for all your distribution channel
  • Intuitive, in real time

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  • support availability 24/7
  • business hours
  • phone
  • email ticket
  • live chat
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