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Bedzzle CRS is the High Performance Booking Engine and CRS (Central Reservation System) for Hotels and any accommodation.

Use our booking engine, and you can do incredible things. Use booking engine and channel manager together, and you can do so much more. Because now Booking Engine, PMS and Channel manager enable brilliant new features that feel magical and yet make perfect sense.

PMS – Bedzzle helps out through every step of the way from booking to billing.

Booking Engine – There’s so much to love about the amazing version of Bedzzle Booking Engine.

Channel Manager – Channel management is a complex task to manage but we make the management easier. Your main goal is to take care of your customers.

Revenue Management System – We help you become more productive, profitable and professional. All you need for selling of your rooms.

The new "Conversion rate optimizer" feature will increase your direct booking conversions over desktop and mobile devices. Designed to enhance guest experience. Redesigned interface. Completely new. Feature by feature, Pixel by pixel, we built great new capabilities into the interface that put need-to-know information at your click.



  • PMS Cloud
  • High Performance Booking Engine
  • Channel Manager, GDS, Metasearch
  • More than 250 Channels connected
  • Conversion Rate Optimizer & OTA Rates Match


  • Smart & Emotional User Interfaces Desktop & Mobile
  • Dynamic Packages / Geo Localized Offers
  • Bids & Special Offers
  • Alternative available solutions
  • 36 Languages - RTL Support - 150+ Currencies


  • Quotation Request Management System
  • Illimitated derivation price strategy and Google D
  • Google Docs Connector (Sheets)
  • Google Docs real time data sync
  • Rates per occupancy/Unlimited nested derived rates

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