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Ads Hotel is the premium Self-catering Metasearch Management Platform for Hotel Price Ads that easily connect Hotels to Metasearches to compete with Big Ota’s and increase Direct Bookings.

The growing concern from Advertisers about the ROAS Return On Advertising Spent is making them actually head towards more performance-based Advertising. The chance today is to compete in the Metasearch arena (Google, Tripadvisor, Trivago to name a few) and reach millions of targeted users per month.

AdsHotel, with its unique core features, enables Hotels not only to connect and advertise but also to optimize their campaigns to improve revenue and generate new direct bookings.
Ads Hotel is self management platform that will let you fully manage the whole campaign while acting and bidding in each Meta-search accordingly to the goals you want to achieve. Restrict the campaign to the desired budget by setting a daily limit per each channel, or a budget per month to last campaign accordingly to your needs.

Once understood the most requested dates our terrific “Stop Dates” will let you focus the budget when really needed. Use the multipliers to define your own strategy, focus on missed impressions to understand your potential target, get the travellers’ queries to manage and optimize date.

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