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ALICE is a mobile first- global hospitality operations platform that is re-inventing how businesses can use cloud technology to improve their customer service. In an industry of fragmented solutions, ALICE provides a streamlined platform to serve the needs of staff, guests, and management in one front-of-house and back-of-house system.

With a commitment to development, client support and excellent consumer experience, ALICE is providing businesses with a true competitive advantage through the most powerful system for the hotel, residence and shared workspace of the future.

– Do you truly understand what your consumers are requesting? Do you even offer them the opportunity to request on mobile?

– Do you know how often a request or complaint arises and more importantly, do you know how long it takes your staff to complete the service?

– Where can you improve? Have you improved your operation from yesterday, last week or even last month?

These are all questions you must be asking yourself if you wish to remain competitive and all issues ALICE works heavily with its partners to identify and solve.

Through ALICE, guests access their hotel’s entire suite of services from any device, and seamlessly communicate with staff in real time. Hotels provide a hyper personalized connection to Guests 24/7, resulting in improved revenue, customer satisfaction, and internal operational efficiency. Staff use the system to manage any internal requests, and management can oversee the entire operation to ensure quality of service.

With a deep focus on analytics, ALICE provides managers with actionable insights to improve operations. We are obsessed with user experience, and believe that the best products balance elegance, power, and simplicity.

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