March 2021

Hotel Wifi Systems? Guarantee an excellent HSIA connection and you’ll have a satisfied customer.

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: : Hotel WiFi – what are they and how to choose hotel WiFi?

One of the first requests that a guest makes upon arrival at a tourist facility is, without a doubt, the possibility of having the password to connect to the Wifi.

The Wifi hotel system nowadays is of fundamental importance and the receptive structures have finally begun to understand that open unprotected networks, password for the connection written on sheets of paper or managed by printed receipts, the non-management of personal data of the clients is no longer feasible and they must necessarily use quality hotel Wifi connection systems, safe, reliable and that simplify the management of the network.

The habits and behaviors of today’s travelers have changed: when he is away from home our guest wants to watch his movies in streaming on his cell phone or listen to his music playlists, he wants to work in total safety and at any time of day and ensure him an excellent connection system, easy to use, fast, innovative and above all free becomes a strength of the structure itself, of your structure …!


Wi Fi Hotel today means understanding the concept of HSIA. High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) is an essential investment for any modern hotel. To ensure guest satisfaction and staff efficiency in the hotel industry, a combination of wired and wireless Internet services in guest rooms and common areas is necessary.

All hotel technologies, from electronic locks to Internet access, television and even staff collaboration software, depend on a stable, fast and reliable Internet connection throughout the property.

It’s important to ensure that your company’s phone service is not strained by a sudden influx of customers. The hospitality industry and hoteliers in general have two main goals: to provide an incredible guest experience and to maximize business efficiency. Without an effective HIE, your property is unlikely to succeed at either.

There are many things to consider when installing HSIA in hotels, and we’ll look at some of them below.

Wi Fi Hotel high speed –


is fundamental to the hotel’s technological infrastructure.

A strong WiFi network with sophisticated bandwidth management capabilities is absolutely critical to a successful hotel operation and not just on the guest services side.

There are obvious reasons why internet connectivity is so critical to a great hotel experience in today’s economy.

How would business travellers conduct business without it? How would they watch TV or access Netflix via IPTV like Marriott did? How would guests access hotel WiFi even for basic needs such as surfing the internet?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become more important than ever to ensure great in-room entertainment experiences while guests have fewer places to go with the closure of restaurants, shops and others.

The less obvious but equally important reason why HSIA is important in hotels is to keep staff connected via collaboration software, including concierges, front desk agents and housekeeping.

Another group of HSIA users are back office workers such as revenue managers, finance directors and marketers who often have offices on property and need access to real-time data to make business decisions.


What are Wifi systems for hotels?

Wifi systems for hotels are devices that allow hotels, B&Bs, campsites and holiday farms to control their own connectivity and provide their guests with the possibility of connecting to the Internet without interruption.
They are easy to use and work with any device.
Most of the time there is no need to modify the access points already present in the facility or to change the Internet connection because these devices are compatible with all operators and ADSL, Fibre, Wireless Hyperlan radio links or satellite connections.
They are easy to install and are customised according to the structure and its characteristics (number of rooms, layout of spaces, etc.).

And that’s not all: today’s Wifi systems not only offer connectivity, they have become a “means of communication” between the accommodation facility and the customer in the home, thus encouraging online dialogue with the customer, increasing guest satisfaction and the reputation of your business, allowing you to create brand awareness and implement marketing strategies.

How to choose between the many Wifi systems for hotels?

Today, there are various companies that offer this service and my advice is dispassionate: evaluate it on the basis of who you are, what your needs are, and the activities that this device allows you to do in addition to providing a connection to your client.

Here are some of the features of the Wifi systems tested and evaluated by tooly.tips that you can consider when choosing the most suitable one for your facility:

  • Authentication via social media, the customer accesses the Wifi network by registering with their email or via Social Login (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc).
  • Social sharing that allows you to increase engagement with users on your social pages and profiles.
  • Dashboard per customer and activity
  • Real time data
  • Geolocation
  • Integration with PMS and third-party software (e.g.: E-mail marketing software, Reputation management Software)
  • Mobile integration
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Automatic notifications
  • Electronic payments
  • I would now like to expand on some of these features.

Authentication via social media.

Authentication via social media or social login is a simple and laborious process for the customer who wants to connect to the Wifi. In fact, the guest accesses the Wifi network by self-registering through his social networks without having to create a password that he has to remember each time he logs in.

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